Local Lanarkshire Mortgage Advice

Trusted mortgage advisors in Lanarkshire, Hamilton

One of our main focuses at Blackwells & Abode is providing great mortgage advice throughout Lanarkshire including Hamilton, Motherwell, East Kilbride and Uddingston.Our aim is to give our clients the best deals possible. Many mortgage advisors and brokers try to pressure their clients into deals that satisfy mortgage lenders. As an ethical local company, we take the opposite approach and we make sure our mortgage advice fully benefits the client.

Our mortgage advisors are connected with Lanarkshire’s best mortgage brokers, meaning we can find the best possible local mortgage quotes.

Independent Mortgage Advisors in Hamilton

Being an independent mortgage advisor means we can offer a range of mortgage options that can high street banks can’t compete with. Our extensive network and data base of local Lanarkshire brokers allows a plethora of options, while high street banks can only offer their own mortgage plans.

Expert Customer Care and Mortgage Advice Hamilton

At Abode Scotland we take customer care very seriously, so give us a call between 9-5 from Monday to Friday. Our local Hamilton mortgage advisors will evaluate your financial needs and find you a quote that meets your requirements.

The advantages of choosing a local mortgage advisor from Hamilton

Our policy at Abode Scotland is to only work with highly experienced local Lanarkshire mortgage advisors that are fully qualified and are entrenched with local knowledge. Our service is based around allowing our clients to get their mortgage paid off as quick as possible and our experts are seasoned veterans at shaving years of your mortgage.

Five Reasons Why You Get In Contact With Lanarkshire Mortgage Advisors

-We are not associated with the bank and neither are our network of advisors
-Our mortgage advice is free
-We love having face to face meetings in our office or alternatively give us a call
-Our Lanarkshire mortgage advisors have years of local knowledge in the property industry
-We are part of the local community, our staff are local, meaning we really want to see you get the best mortgage quote possible.

Getting a mortgage is huge financial choose and unfortunately many large corporate lenders can’t give the tailored services or options we can. So get in touch with one of our local Lanarkshire mortgage advisors today.




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